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What Is Melee Diamonds

Meaning Of Melee Diamonds

Melee is the small lab grown diamonds. Diamonds, which is less than 0.15-carat weight and 2.6mm – 3.5mm diameter are considered as melee diamonds. This type of diamond is mostly used in eternity, halo, or cluster setting. The cost of lab grown melee diamond is less compare to solitaire or larger diamonds. Melee diamonds are giving glamour and pop to the solitaire diamond in halo and cluster rings. Melee diamonds are mostly seen in the wristwatch nowadays.

Type of melee diamonds

There are two types of melee diamonds Single cut melee diamond and Full cut melee diamond. Single cut melee diamond is a traditional type cut used by the ancient king and queen while full-cut diamonds are full sparkling and bright diamonds which is adopted by the new modern world. Single cut melee has a total of 16 facets, and full cut melee diamonds have 52 facets in total.

What should you pick?

The choice is yours’s if you want glassy spark everywhere you must choose the full cut, and if you like the gripping attraction toward your diamond, then the single cut is best which has large open facets that give depth and elegance to your diamond.